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Month: February 2017

The Importance Of Discipline In Trading

The Importance Of Discipline In TradingĀ In order to become a trader successful Whether you are trading foreign currencies in the forex market, or shares of United Trading companies in the global stock exchanges or any other asset, you must, of course, as is the case for any other field you can familiarity with a certain amount of knowledge as much, and how to apply this knowledge on the land

Know the global financial markets, the participation of many parties from institutional investors, banks, hedge funds and traders to individuals, so and so that you can keep up these institutions and professional traders others and survive in the market known as competition increases continuously, you have to be an expert on how markets work and how they behave competitors other traders. Therefore, you are required to be familiar with most aspects of the trading of comprehensive knowledge of how to move their prices and the ability to analyze, which is gained by learning the technical and fundamental analysis.


Although the availability of knowledge and full understanding of how markets move and the ability to predict future trends is very important, but it is not enough to continue to market and make profits that were not able to discipline in the implementation of your strategy and commitment to plan your trading.
The importance of discipline in trading
In order to become a trader successful Whether you are trading foreign currencies in the forex market, or shares of companies in the global stock exchanges or any other asset, you must, of course, as is the case for any other field you can familiarity with a certain amount of knowledge as much, and how to apply this knowledge on the land Indeed. Therefore it has to be familiar with aspects of fundamental and technical analysis and the factors that will affect the market, which traded in it. Add to that the ability to trading discipline and control options.

you may be a master of understanding how markets move and can anticipate future trends of prices, you may lose your money and withdraw from the market quickly so were not able to trading discipline and commitment to the plan.

May be circulating a great knowledge of the technical and fundamental analysis, and you have a good ability to analyze the market and predict future trends for the 100K Factory Revolution Scam price, but this is not enough, you need to set yourself and control your emotions in real-time to make the right decisions with regard to dealing with transactions during the trading process , because you will be under great pressure as long as you are prone to losing your money, as you might come your way feelings of fear, greed and vanity.

If you are trading without discipline will be an exhibition of loss dramatically, because you enter a spiral of irrational decisions due to the lack of any prior plan. And it will trade according to the instantaneous trading decisions, so that it enter into a deal on an asset just because you heard a positive story about the origin, just to know the origin of this momentum and an increase in trading volumes. Once the bounce against your position panic and anxiety because you do not know what to do, you are closing the deal and incurred minimal loss, or wait in the hope that the price falls back to your advantage, here will act according to your feelings, fear of loss and vanity through Waiting for this pair to your advantage .
What should be done to stay disciplined?
To be able to control yourself and stay disciplined during the trading process you should in the first place to find yourself a profitable strategy has been tried in the sense that in the long term and through the implementation of this strategy frequently will be permanent total earnings greater than the sum of your losses, so you before sitting down to your computer screen and access to your trading platform will be aware of in advance, what are the tools that will be traded on, what is it that will make you open a certain center, and is something that will make you shut this place, and what is the length of time it might take place.

The evaluation of the risk ratio properly and make the size of trading positions commensurate with the risk ratio for each center, and find out how much risk can you afford in each deal easier for you Momoretk trader, and will relieve you of trading pressure and makes your mind relaxed.

Something else can help you trading discipline is the use of stop loss order and ordered to profit-taking in your operations, so must put stop-loss order immediately after the opening of any deal, and whatever the direction. Stop-loss level is the exit area in case prices move against your position, and that when it reaches the price then means you were wrong about the price trend and thus exit the least damage.

And is this benefit in that your position closes automatically when the price reaches an area, where a lot of traders are trading without the use of stop-loss order for fear that the price up to the stop loss area means closing their positions and then bounce them, and these traders are incurring heavy losses. It also applies to the profit taking is that you should be able to determine your goal in terms of price and take profit is put accordingly.

The Employment Of Financial Engineering Instruments For Hedging Purposes

The Employment Of Financial Engineering Instruments For Hedging Purposes; Private agricultural companies face several risks resulting from price fluctuations, particularly share prices, so it was a duty on these companies use hedging with financial engineering strategy for the purpose of making the risk at the lowest settled opinion that the adoption of this Rubix Project Brian Morgan strategy is the adoption of strategies and tools derivatives within the framework of financial engineering, as follows :

Financial Options
Financial Options

First, the application of hedge options strategy:
Will be the application of this strategy is the adoption of bilateral binomial model for a period of one and two terms:
A: One of the options pricing for: The One Period
It is known on this model that it uses to estimate the actual options and called duo or binomial, because it is assumed in the second period of time to have the price set one value from two different values, depending on the assumptions of this model range are:

Free rate risk, which is equal to the stability (10%), which represents the interest payments by these special on fixed deposits and agricultural companies.

Possible lending or borrowing rate risk-free.
No taxes or exchange or the margin requirements mandated.
Investors can use short selling of any securities.

And tries to find the application of this model in the Iraqi Special Agricultural corporate environment, as the use was, and still is limited to efficient financial markets.

It is the table (1) note the use of the bilateral model for one, as it represents the column (1) share in the private agricultural companies price, and the column (2) represents the strike price agreed upon, which according to Rubix Project Trading company shares by 90% from current prices within the column (1) , an approach adopted for the percentage of the previous studies on the Iraqi Special contribute to the environment in earlier times ratio, and pointed columns (4.3) to the amount of rise and fall, which was (0.10 to 0.0, 10) and this could be the column calculation (6, 5), and another for the purposes of the adoption of equations, which illustrate the rising share price decline:

SU = S (1 + U) ………… (1)
Or the price is reduced by a percentage D becomes its price:
SD = S (1 + D) ………… (2)
To apply it to buy stock option, assuming that the option price is C and the price of the agreed implementation it is E and when the implementation date, the option value either to rise and become CU or fall and become a CD Since the option price at the end of the period represents a real value, so it can express that equations following cases:
CU = Max S (1 + U) – E ………… (3)
CD = Max S (1 + D) – E …………. (4)
Seen from the equation (3) that the option price will rise because the share price upon execution S (1 + U) is greater than the exercise price E is therefore in the interest of the call option holder to implement the agreement and to make profit represents the difference between the stock price at the date of execution and the agreed strike price attic, quite the contrary, in the equation (4) the value of which may be negative, since the option has no negative value, then the value will be the last equation equal to zero because the option buyer is obliged to implement.
The fair theoretical option value per period, which represents the last column of the matrix, it has made all private agricultural companies build a portfolio were mostly lower than the right one with the exception of the Middle East for the fish, which has achieved value right per superiority of (2.646).
We conclude from the foregoing, that can be developed mathematical models to adopt the Iraqi Special Agricultural corporate environment, including dual-binomial model for the period and the one who can be when used to reach fair value of the theory of choice.
It is noticeable, too, that the Middle East for the fish, which achieved the highest value of fair theory of choice was the price of its shares is the highest percentage of the price of the shares of agricultural companies, hence we infer that the relationship between the option price in the financial markets and the price of the stock in the market is always direct correlation.

B: pricing options for two Rubix Project Brian Morgan consecutive terms: The Two Period Model
It is known that stock prices are characterized by relatively stable always be prone always rise or fall, and that sometimes gets to bring the share price rise in the first period and then another rise in the second period, and here was to determine the nature of this paragraph to take these variables into account to two terms of time periods ((2 Year.
Upon a closer look at the table (2), containing options pricing for two terms using the binary model, it shows that the rise and fall within the column (4.3) was calculated for two terms and by (0.10), and this is what settled the opinion within the previous studies related mainly based on Empty the yield of the risks of interest on fixed accounts in private banks, which amount to their rates by (0.10) a year, and then possible to calculate the height of the stock under the equation and the two terms, has said research show that the share price will either rise or fall, and that means having two possible occurrence of one of them in the future, if the share price rose in the first period to SU then rose again in the second period

The table shows (3) how to determine the hedge, which includes the shares of private agricultural companies price of a portfolio, because it is an important element in the calculation of the portfolio, and the fair value of theoretical option of one of the two, and can not be fair theoretical option value of the adoption of the two terms in this area, so that determine portfolio must be for a period of one (years), for example, then the other column (h), which represents a package of shares comes amounted to (1) here, with less to be a million or a thousand or less depending on the nature of the wallet